Start your healthy eating journey with these five steps

Keep some carbs and fats

With all the diet trends out there, it’s tempting to ditch carbs or fats, but our bodies need carbs and fats for energy. Cutting them is also likely to leave you hungry and susceptible to binge eating.

“When you take away carbs you take away your bodies natural source for burning fuel,” Jill Charton, mobility trainer and founder of iFour.Life, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “If you deprive your body of carbs and fats, when you introduce them into your diet again, most of the time your body will store it.”

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Limit fast foods

If you’re constantly on the go or short on time, it’s easy to grab something from a fast food place. But fast food offerings often have a whole day’s worth of fat or sodium.

“Making a change in your lifestyle is all about balance,” explained Ashlye Bergen, personal trainer, nutritionist and owner of A Team Fitness, to The Atlanta- Journal Constitution.

If you can’t avoid the drive through, consider a salad, a wrap, or whole wheat bread options — anything to reduce the punch a value venue can make in your new diet. And remember: Grilled is always healthier than fried.

Make the swaps

If bloating or other digestive issues are a concern, making minor food swaps could be highly beneficial.

If you love soups, make something homemade so you can control the amount of salt. If you bake, consider coconut or almond flour instead of wheat. If you love ice cream, try frozen yogurt or nut milk based ice creams.

“I had a client who had bigger stomach than what she wanted. Once we made a small shift in her diet she lost about five pounds in a week, just from swapping out dairy for lactose free options or plant based options,” said Bergen.

Plan it out

Being prepared is the secret to most things in life, and healthy eating is no different. If you don’t know what you’re going to eat, you’re more likely to go with something quick, easy and terrible for you.

Create a menu for the week. Amazon has a great magnetic menu you can place on the refrigerator and write on. When you go to the grocery, just buy the items needed for your plan. Better yet, opt for delivery — your shopper won’t be tempted to grab those chips or sodas.

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Like a ripple in a pond

Eating healthier starts with a few minor changes, the effects of which make a real difference over time.

“Don’t punish yourself if you eat fried food, a piece of cake, candy or whatever. Do it in moderation. Limit how much of those foods you eat and swap them out one at a time,” advised Bergen.