Dental surgeon shuts down enamel whitening and straightening hacks

Dentists have issued a grim warning to avoid making an attempt fashionable TikTok “hacks” on their teeth.

Creators driving viral tooth whitening and straightening tips could be putting viewers in significant threat by marketing destructive treatment plans, distinguished Australian dental surgeon Dr. Heath Fraser has argued.

Between the worst offenders was a female who filmed herself submitting down her tooth using a nail file and promoted the tactic as a inexpensive way to get a straight smile.

The strange method amassed shut to a million views and was replicated hundreds of periods by other creators persuaded they weren’t leading to any lengthy-expression harm.

Comments to the first submit prompt usually having said that, with lots of viewers saying they ruined their enamel by seeking the nail file “hack.”

Dr. Fraser uncovered individuals who filed their tooth could be environment on their own up for “invasive treatments these kinds of as fillings, crowns, veneers and even root canal remedy to take care of the erosion problem.”

1 TikTok person shared himself rinsing his mouth with hydrogen peroxide as a dental “hack.”

He explained filing enamel as “highly irresponsible” and explained that “once tooth enamel has been eliminated it is unachievable to regenerate.”

“Even when executed in the dental chair by a professional, sufferers run the risk of eroding their tooth enamel,” he stated.

Other problematic “hacks” observed tens of millions of TikTok users uncovered to highly unsafe enamel whitening techniques involving the use of family cleaners as tooth scrub.

1 online video promoted the use of a Mr. Cleanse Magic Eraser, which is advertised as a product to clear away hard stains from partitions, furnishings and flooring.

Dr. Fraser explained there ended up great consequences for persons who used it on their tooth.

“The Magic Eraser wears down a stained layer of enamel with a highly abrasive area, and when this may result in tooth to seem at first whiter in a limited TikTok video clip, the lengthy-expression effects of donning down enamel can result in discolored, delicate and in scarce conditions, cracked or chipped enamel,” he stated.

Regarding comments to the viral movie came from hundreds of individuals who experienced both previously experimented with the hack or had been intending to give it a go.

“Just did it. No regrets,” one wrote, though an additional mentioned: “I experienced wonderful results as well.”

Dr. Fraser mentioned favourable outcomes would be small-lived, and folks wanting whiter enamel need to seek TGA accredited techniques or seek advice from their dentist.

Another dangerous trend is using rubber hair bands to straighten teeth instead of braces.
Another risky development is working with elastic hair bands to straighten enamel as a substitute of braces.

Yet another risky method was making use of hydrogen peroxide immediately on teeth which Dr. Fraser claimed posed “irreversible hazards to the health and fitness of your teeth.”

“Using substantial concentrations of hydrogen peroxide on your enamel and gums poses irreversible threat to the wellbeing of your tooth and can lead to tooth sensitivity, irritated gums and lips,” he reported.

“While several dentists do use the similar bleaching agent, the concentration and application is a lot safer when administered by a professional. Obtaining whiter enamel does not essentially correlate to nutritious enamel.”

Other TikTok customers ended up endorsing the use of uncooked charcoal as a enamel whitening tool, demonstrating off substantial dissimilarities in right before and soon after footage.

“Ironically, even though preliminary results may well expose whiter tooth, utilizing very abrasive surfaces against teeth will don down enamel and expose the yellow dentine underneath, resulting in them to forever show up additional yellow,” Dr. Fraser explained of the hack.

“Charcoal is an very abrasive floor that can result in a yellow visual appearance and sensitivity in the long run.”

Buyers determined to straighten their tooth also shared how they tried using making use of elastic hair bands in location of braces.

A single TikTok person with 33.3 million followers bought a braces kit online and assembled it himself at household for a video that has considering that been viewed close to 10 million moments.

Dr. Fraser condemned the approach and its marketing throughout the app as a secure and powerful way to get straight tooth on the inexpensive.

“Using elastic bands may possibly do the job to transfer your tooth, but not in the aesthetic way you possibly desire. The slim, restricted elastic bands utilized by customers on social media can penetrate the gum, seriously detrimental the tender tissue in your mouth which may possibly finally guide to critical irreversible destruction, like your tooth falling out from the root,” he reported.

“Using toxic substances and trying to administer your possess braces may perhaps also lead to major wellness penalties these types of as extreme poisoning and tooth decline.”